The Model For Our Collective

In the early 1900s, intellectuals Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, and Robert E. Sherwood exchanged witticisms about society and the Arts in New York City over lunches at a certain round table at Manhattan’s Algonquin Hotel. Over the years, this round table witnessed the artistic collaboration of some of New York’s finest writers.

Nearly 100 years later, inspired by the Round-tablers, the Algonquin Hotel witnessed the birth of another community of collaborative artists.  In this case, the witty repartee focused on musical rather than literary endeavors, but just like Dorothy Parker and the Round-tablers, these musicians live and breathe the Arts in New York City.  Thus was born -


In Dorothy Parker’s time, one would refer to musicians who really grooved together as being “in the pocket.”  In The Pocket NYC is a community of independent musicians who support and promote each other as we offer New York City musical performance and instruction of the highest caliber.